The mission, more than a fancy business card?

Team mission workshop

A lot of companies have one, a mission. But what is the point of this 'mission statement'? Why is it so important to write this out?


The liberated company: a success story

Protime Freedom Inc.

A growing number of organisations are following its principles: an end to hierarchy and organisation into autonomous teams. Sophie Henrion, digital expert, gives a view on the successes of this principle.


Will AI become the “killer bee” in the competitive struggle around CX and EX?

Will AI become the “killer bee”

In his previous article Eric Lemage, Protime telemarketer, compared CX and EX (Customer and Employee Experience). Time to check whether artificial intelligence (AI) makes an effective breakthrough in this context.


Protime contributes to good cause Close The Gap

Protime and Close The Gap

At Protime we engage in the future of our society. That is why we are reaching out a digital hand to the charity Close the Gap, an organization that is committed to the digital progress of developing countries.


From Customer Experience to Operating Result

Standing out from the competition by means of a unique product and/or service is no longer a viable solution today. The only solution is to optimise the experience of the customer and the employee throughout their entire life cycle.


Protime supports the Red Devils

Protime is a great place to work. We support our national team against France today!


HR Trend: Performance Management

Companies with committed and talented employees make the difference. Performance management is an essential tool for organizations to increase employee engagement. Is an annual evaluation meeting still sufficient?


Employee experience, an essential change of paradigm for companies

Although companies today have a tendency to focus more on their external management, they must not forget their internal management. Your employees are your ambassadors, proudly or not....


Protime awarded as a Best Workplace in Europe

In addition to being able to handle payroll legislation in the most complex EU countries, also our corporate culture proves to stand strongly cross border for the 3rd time in a row!


From a "work pressure" debate to a win-win situation through time registration

On Labor Day, many companies, but even more the employees, reflect on the theme of 'work pressure'. Underneath the demand for structural changes in the workplace lies the problem of excessive workload. But what is excessive workload?