Outsourcing of payroll growing in Europe

The European countries have the most complex payrolls worldwide. Although the US is the clear leader in the outsource level of payroll, Europe is now playing catch-up.


Why SaaS is the future of software

Protime Saas Future

SaaS is growing exponentially, in 2017, the number of SaaS installations exceeded the number of On-Premise installations (56%/44%) for the first time.


GDPR and Time Registration

GDPR and Time Registration at Protime

All employee information must be protected, certain data may no longer be compiled and protocols must be written for virtually every single data process.


Protime recognised by Great Place to Work Europe 2017

Great Place to Work Europe Protime

Paris, 8 June 2017 – After having gained 4th place in the Belgian rankings and 2nd place in the Netherlands, Protime, specialist in workforce management solutions, is now also recognised as a ‘Great Workplace’ in Europe.

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Technology: tempting or threatening to HR?

Protime's Eric Lemage in his search for answers on how trends live up to their reality. In this blog, Eric speaks with the HR Director of an international bank.


Happy Holidays!

Protime Kerstman

We heard that Santa Claus uses our collaboration tool Protime 360 ° to improve team work. Click here to check out how.

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Critical success factors determine the adoption of new technologies

In my previous post Eric Vandyck (for CV see end of this post) explained in more detail his role as HR manager at Arlanxeo as well as the true significance of trends in chemical production companies.

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Chemical production companies demand robust HR role

Protime's own Eric Lemage interviews Eric Vandyck, HR director at Arlanxeo about the importance of HR in the chemical industry

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I don't believe in HR Trendsetters

This is the time of the year when HR gurus pitch their HR trends to the public. Few of them proved to match with reality tough. I talk with HR managers on a daily basis and none of them can confirm any of the trends that got pitched to us last year.


Are you prepared for the flexible working law?

Since the beginning of this month your employees have the right to request flexible working.