L'Oréal is one of the world leaders in cosmetics. L'Oréal has dedicated itself to beauty care through a world-renowned range of products for professionals and the general public. The brand is present in more than 130 countries through 27 trademarks worldwide and 41 production plants, one of which is the Recogne-Libramont site in Belgium which employs over 300 people across the entire production chain.

“Protime wins the challenge hands down!”
Viviane Schreurs
HR Manager

The L'Oréal plant in Libramont, has evolved considerably in terms of production and flexibility. 

On the strength of its international reputation, the company must be competitive and competent in all areas, particularly in its management of human resources, an essential aspect of the proper functioning of the company. Viviane Schreurs definitely intends to continue her collaboration with Protime. 

The site currently has a workforce of over 370 people for the manufacture and packaging of colouring products for the general public across Europe, representing more than 200 million units. Furthermore, for the last two years we have also been taking care of the payroll administration for the forty staff members of the logistics site at Nivelles.