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Protime Time and Attendance and planning

Time & Attendance

When time and attendance are logged, an organisation retains a view on the attendance and working time of employees. Even though logging is the starting point, the actual gain is in the reporting and subsequent processing.

T&A is a means to acquire insight into the capacity and availability of staff. It is the basis of workforce management.

Safe at work

Safe at work

Covid-19 gave rise to the new normal: we started working massively from home. For many companies though, it is necessary to let employees work in the office as well. How to reintroduce office work while ensuring the health of your employees?

myProtime selfservice HR

HR Self-Service

Employees can easily manage a good deal of their time expenditure and absences themselves. This process must run efficiently in order to avoid hindering the payroll processing. The HR department gains a lot of time that can be employed in more strategic HR.

That is precisely what self-service means. Giving each employee autonomy and control over time expenditure. Employees can apply for absences and view their holiday time balances and overtime. The planning of absences of team members can also be looked up in an intuitive, integrated system.

Protime Payroll processing

Payroll Processing

Rapid, correct payroll processing starts with accurate time logging. Thanks to logging time and hours, the payroll can run as good as automatically.

The payback effect of time logging is greatest in the payroll process. So many organisations use it just for that reason. Efficient payroll processing means that time is released for important HR tasks. This is the heart of time logging.

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Cost Accounting

Good insight into personnel costs is important for effective cost control. Time or costs can be allocated per job or task by means of cost-accounting.

Cost price calculation does not belong directly to the tasks of HR. On the other hand, it is very important for a financial department. Expanding time logging into a job, order or task makes cost accountancy more accurate than general estimations.

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Insights from your time & attendance data

Positive and negative time are the perfect instruments to measure worklife balance and productivity. Our tools are designed to gather data from all employees and bring you insights you can use to optimize processes.

Next to typical HR data, our team of reporting experts can help you get the most out of the available data. Automating HR processes saves you valuable time, but using the insights that come with it, brings you a head start in changing the future.

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