ArcelorMittal is the world's largest steel manufacturer. The multinational corporation produces 73 million tonnes of raw steel a year, deploying activities in 60 countries. Worldwide, ArcelorMittal employs 287,000 staff. The listed steel giant has an annual turnover $65 billion dollars.

Erwin Klomp
“Everybody is convinced. Protime works.”
Erwin Klomp
IT Manager

From the receptionist behind the front desk all the way up to the crane operator and the welders: everybody at ArcelorMittal Projects Europe in Heijningen uses Protime.

“There was some resistance among staff in the early days”, says IT manager Erwin Klomp. “But now that everybody is on board, the final conclusion amongst employees and Managers is that using Protime does not mean less, but more freedom.”

Every day, over sixty office workers and fifty shop floor workers clock in and out. In order to ensure everything runs smoothly, the management team decided on Protime's labour time registration solution. A logical decision, says Erwin Klomp: “Our sister site in Moerdijk has been using the system since 2003, and is full of praise towards Protime and what's more, here at Heijningen we work with Moerdijk on a regular basis. Therefore a synchronised registration system is certain to make life a lot easier on our project administration.