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Flexible workforce planning

Flexible staff planning and administration is quite a challenge these days.

With Strobbo, a Protime brand, we want to make this administration easier and more accurate. You stay in control and unlock more time to spend on your business. 

Strobbo is being used in highly demanding markets that rely on flexible workforces, making it a robust addition to our software suite.

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Job & Team Planning

Correctly drawing up a planning for one or more teams can be a tricky task. With our software you can quickly and efficiently set up rosters for your teams.

“We are able to optimize certain processes and save time while benefiting from a more global, reliable and accurate view of our teams”
Jonathan Da Silva
Director of Human Resources and Communications - Indigo
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AI scheduling

Artificial Intelligence can never completely take away human interaction when it comes to planning. But it can definitely be of great assistance if you are careful on how to set it up. Is planning with Artificial Intelligence something for your organization?

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Putting the right people on the right spot is key in decreasing costs, increasing engagement and productivity. By giving you additional insights while planning, you can make well-founded decisions.

Insights while you plan are a life saver, but planning is only a desired future. To get real insights out of your overall planning efforts, reconciliation reporting is invaluable. By comparing your planning with reality afterwards gives you everything you need to continuously optimize.

Artificial intelligence also benefits from these insights when proposing optimal planning for your specific situation.

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