Your myProtime Activities Benefits

Optimise your activity management by recording your employee's various possible projects directly in your myProtime environment. With myProtime Activities, employees register their activities themselves. Curious about the benefits? 

  • An overview of all activities and subactivities in your company
  • How much time do your employees spend on each (sub)activity?
  • Find out immediately whether things took more time than planned.
  • Easily see which employees perform which (sub)activities.
  • A complete summary of your productivity.

How do I register activities in myProtime?

Recording activities with myProtime activities can be done in several ways: Link a percentage breakdown per employee

  • Register real-time on a terminal or with a scanner 
  • Enter durations retroactively
  • Link a default activity to an employee. This helps especially when an employee performs this activity regularly/most of the time

Analysis of your activities

All registered activities can be analysed thanks to reporting. With the aid of export files, the information can be further processed in other applications such as financial software for bookkeeping or invoicing.

  • Flexible cost structure
  • Automatic cost allocation
  • Ease of use
  • More accurate pay distribution
  • Optimized bookkeeping lists
  • Reports for cost price calculation
  • Input for invoicing

Ready for an efficient package deal?

myProtime and myProtime activities offer you a total package for your payroll process. This allows you to accurately monitor the complex processing of payroll costs. From an administrative and accounting perspective, myProtime makes your life easier.

Need more? Our access terminals and time clocks facilitate data collection, time, attendance, access and scheduling. These devices use advanced technologies that give you great flexibility every day. 

Want efficiency at the end of the month? 

myProtime multilevel activity registration

Discover how myProtime multilevel activities works

Want to discover in depth how our Activities solution works? We wrote down a fictional reference case for you in which we explain this with clear examples. This resulted in a free technical leaflet.