Corporate Social Responsibility

Protime offers software solutions for optimising the time of human capital. As time is our core value, we see it as our responsibility to return some of that time to society. In our mission we say that children should be given the time and care they need to develop, so that their future is a bright one. This we do by helping organisations that were set up to focus on children.

Our society’s future

We allow Protime employees, as a team, to spend some of their working hours assisting organisations such as Sogeha – which organises summer camps for less fortunate children – and the Waddinxvaan children's farm. They do their bit by clearing up the camp sites, painting and decorating and organising jumble sales. No big efforts to save the world, but real and very practical help for projects that rely on committed volunteers who make a very real difference in young people's lives. Over a year it soon adds up to more than 1500 hours, which we gladly donate to society's future.

Why Close the Gap?

In our rapidly evolving technological society, we see a high rotation of IT equipment. As in every larger company, at Protime we regularly have written-off laptops and printers piled up. These are devices older than four years, that are no longer under maintenance warranty. Since these often still work properly, or just require a new part, they're still ideal for using in a second life.

This is why Protime is doing its bit by donating 34 written-off laptops, with a value of 18K, to the Close the Gap organisation. This way we’re not only reducing the mountain of waste, but first and foremost helping children in developing countries to develop themselves for a better future.

Close the Gap is an international, non-profit organisation aiming to close the digital cap in developing countries. They do so by collecting and, if necessary, repairing written-off IT equipment and offering this to schools, universities and social projects. To complete this circle, the subsidiary WorldLoop collects the equipment back for local recycling, once it’s reached the end of its second life.


More information about our partnership with Close the Gap:

Written by: Caroline Brusselaers
Brand & performance marketeer