What if the biggest software giants themselves fear concrete attacks from hackers? At the beginning of January, it became known that the NSA (National Security Agency of the US) had discovered vulnerabilities in Windows components used by thousands of companies.

The problem with Windows was that hackers can use a digital signature illegally, so the user cannot know that the file is malicious because the digital signature appears to be from a trusted provider. Microsoft then released a patch to fix the vulnerabilities in the software. Patches are small but essential updates as such vulnerabilities can cause a series of security problems.

At the end of last year, Citrix also noticed a vulnerability in its systems with which remote execution is possible, after which it appeared that several vulnerable servers in the Netherlands and Belgium were at risk.

Your data at Protime

The security of Protime data on our networks is monitored 24/7 by the Datacenter team. We have taken all the steps recommended by Microsoft & Citrix. There has never been any abuse or further expansion of the rest of our infrastructure. This is due to our standard high network isolation and advanced firewall rules. This way, SaaS customers can continue to use our applications safely.

What does this mean concretely for your organization? There is no reason to panic about the security of your Protime software. The 24/7 security team closely monitors all updates related to cybersecurity and ensures that no data breach or data exfiltration has occurred. Protime conducts several extensive security tests per year and even works with a team of ethical hackers to test our networks.


Finally, we also recommend proactively raising awareness about cybersecurity among your employees. This can be done by communicating as much as possible about the theme or by organizing a workshop. In addition, you can set up an internal phishing campaign or test to put employees to the test in a playful way. Give examples of possible phishing attempts and be available for questions.


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