Pandox is a Swedish investment company that owns more than 120 hotels worldwide. The group operates each of the hotels in an individual, unique manner. Together, the two hotels (Holiday Inn Brussels Airport and Crowne Plaza Antwerp) have about 150 permanent staff, half of whom are staff and the other half workers.

"Perfect overview of all the time schedules when drawing up the planning, and a higher involvement of the managers, thanks to ProTeam”
Aranya Pauwels & Jennifer Verhoeven
HR Coordinators

The Swedish Pandox group has eight hotels in Belgium: including the Crowne Plaza hotel and the Holiday Inn. Together, they have more than 570 rooms and 130 staff members.

Aranya Pauwels, HR coordinator at Holiday Inn: “Almost all these people have their own work schedule, with individual hours and holiday arrangements. The correct registration of all this data is a complex and error-prone exercise. Moreover, it is also very time-consuming.”

Protime has long been present in the Holiday Inn Hotel. But, until recently, the work force only used the system to badge in and out at the beginning and end of their shift. “Our hotel employs 25 workers and about twenty staff. It goes without saying that they have different time schedules and different holidays. Only the HR department previously kept track of presences and absences."