More than 220 stores who represent the essence of the product range of Delhaize, and most of the shops are open on Sunday morning: that is what AD Delhaize is. The independent owners, all people with a big heart for power, constantly receive training to offer the best of modern distribution world: proximity, pleasant surroundings, very flexible opening hours and products of impeccable quality.

Timothy Weckx
“The Protime software has been expanded, is user-friendly and easy to use.”
Timothy Weckx
Responsible for the general administration and the application management

The standard solution was perfectly adaptable to our needs

The biggest challenge was the correct processing of all worked hours. Before we worked with Protime, the hours were entered by the staff and everything had to be checked manually. That was just for 2 shops at the time. When we started expanding even more, this system was untenable and we had to look for a more professional solution. 

"Because you are one of the bigger players around"

The system could be sufficiently adapted to our demands and also met our needs. The Protime software has been expanded, is user-friendly and easy to use.

"The amount of time saved"

We can keep a close eye on the follow-up of the time registrations and the export to the payroll provider is also very efficient. We rarely find mistakes on the pay slip now.