Protime understands that every organization is unique. Our experience in HR-solutions made us realize there are two important views on Time as a resource. Protime offers solutions for both views:

Protime Premium

Procost is the module in our Premium solution for cost calculation and pay distribution. This module is aimed at accountancy and bookkeeping functions to enable assimilating complex processing of labour costs precisely in cost price calculation. Procost is also available online as a cloud solution.

myProtime Cost Accounting


Employee experience is gaining in importance. myProtime is 100% committed to this with an exceptional focus on user-friendliness. Eventually, myProtime will take over all Protime Premium functions as a platform. myProtime is currently available as an Employee Self Service (ESS).

Protime Hardware Logo

Hardware: WFM

Our workforce management terminals and time clocks are based upon leading edge technology to bring unsurpassed functionality, flexibility and robustness to data collection solutions. On top of the 4 terminals, 2 self-service kiosks are designed to bring state-of-the-art software to the work floor.

• Flexible cost structures
• Automatic cost allocation
• Ease of use
• More accurate pay distribution
• Optimized bookkeeping lists
• Reports for cost price calculation
• Input for invoicing

“Everybody is convinced. Protime works.”
Erwin Klomp - IT Manager

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