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Contactless entry & exit

Did you know that door handles are one of the most important hotspots for bacteria? While keypads, push buttons and even fingerprint readers are strong on the security front, they all require people to touch them to gain access. That leaves all kinds of bacteria on them which, as we have seen with the recent coronavirus pandemic, can be instrumental in the spread of illness.

Contactless access control can be truly invaluable because it reduces the chance of germs spreading – whether it’s a global pandemic or just a cold that’s going around.

Thermal screening and hand sanitizer dispenser

Thermal screening & hand sanitizer dispenser

How can you protect your company against a virus outbreak? Timely and accurate screening of temperature at entry can play an important role in detecting infection. Touchless thermal sensors detect whether a person's temperature is below a threshold before the system grants access.

In addition, temperature screening is combined with a convenient hand sanitizer dispenser. In one action, the temperature is measured and the hands are disinfected. If the light is red, the temperature is too high and access can be blocked if required.

Thermal screening

Thermal screening & mask detection

Timely and accurate monitoring of individuals’ temperature on entering your premises can play a significant role in detecting cases (since fever is a common symptom of COVID-19) and ensuring effective infection control.

Touchless thermal camera’s will detect whether the temperature of an individual is below a threshold before the system grants access. The device can also check whether the person is wearing a mask before letting them enter a room or building. COVID-19 isn’t the only contagious disease that causes a fever. Thermal cameras can help prevent widespread flu outbreaks among a workforce by identifying sick individuals and encouraging them to take actions to limit potential disease transmission.

Occupancy management for social distancing

Occupancy management for social distancing

How can I guarantee social distancing within my company? Using Occupancy Management in myProtime means users can control and monitor the number of people in any area and set limits to how many can enter based on what’s safe and COVID-secure.

To do this, it is of course necessary to equip several doors with access control. For example, a workplace can be divided into zones, where you can permanently see who is working in which zone and when. If the maximum occupancy is reached, the access control will block access for the next employee.
myProtime shows the occupancy in real time, so you can monitor and manage who is in the area quickly and easily. This can be viewed on your PC, smartphone, tablet or large screen visible to everyone on premise.

Protime Time and Attendance and planning

Contact tracing

What to do when an employee tests positive on COVID-19?
Registering presences at the office immediately brings about another important advantage. If someone should fall ill, a list of all employees who have worked together in a certain period of time is immediately available. The necessary registration of contacts is therefore automatically guaranteed by the employer. Employees only have to keep a record of whom they meet in their private lives. 


myProtime visitors

Visitor management

Although many companies are restricting face-to-face meetings, there are still instances when visitors are required for essential meetings or specialists are needed onsite to carry out essential repair works. Are you inviting a visitor to a meeting? Then they can be pre-registered immediately.

The visitor receives an email with the QR code and an explanation of the prevention measures. That way, they’re completely updated, and they feel safe. During their visit, the visitor scans their QR code at the desk for a quick check-in. This QR code will also serve to giving visitors access to your facility. Protime is partnering with Gatehouse ® to create this module.