These days, we spend the majority of our time collaborating and communicating with others. Technology helps us with that, or so we would like to believe. Copious e-mail traffic, searching for information put away somewhere on someone’s laptop for a long time, a person leaving the organisation, thus taking his or her project specific knowledge too.

Collaborating differently generates at least 25 % less e-mail traffic. Our solutions collect all knowledge together where it belongs, on one central platform where all team members collaborate. Guaranteed to increase efficiency.

Protime Collaboration HR Solution

Organisations define their strategic objectives each year. Everyone then works flat out to achieve those objectives. Often objectives are not transparent enough. We know too little about the advances of colleagues or other departments. How can technology provide more insight into this?
Our solution links all information, providing insight into it for everyone. For instance, any employee perfectly knows the objectives he/she is helping to work towards and the teams in which he/she is collaborating. Studies show that this greatly increases commitment and productivity.

Protime Goal Management HR Solution

Project Management is no longer devoted exclusively to the traditional Project Manager. Whether it entails digitising meetings, onboarding a new colleague, creating a newsletter, a customer implementation, or organising an event, everyone has a need to share things with one another and to follow up in a project-based way.
With our solution, we provide a system that breaks through data silos within the organisation in order to work on projects. This is best done bearing in mind the strengths and enthusiasm of each team member.

Protime Project Management HR Solution

Employees often do not know the higher aims towards which they are helping to work, let alone what their exact contribution was to this. The six-monthly or annual evaluation cycle is outdated.
Our solutions transparently indicate the contributions that employees are making to objectives. Because insight is provided into this, the manager has all the data to be able to coach and evaluate specifically and regularly. The employee’s entire life is mapped this way: recruiting, onboarding and development.

Protime Employee Egagement HR Solution