Protime understands that every organization is unique. Our experience in HR-solutions made us realize there are two important views on Time as a resource. Protime offers solutions for both views:

Protime Premium

ProTeam Planning is an extension of ProTeam. The module is responsible for planning by requirement. Department heads use this module to manage the linking of employees’ timetables to projects and cost centres. The solutions of Protime are also available as SaaS solution.

Protime 360

Protime 360° is the HR solution for businesses that are changing over to The New World of Work. The focus of Protime 360° lies more on personal contribution than on attendance. Planning within Protime 360° is very intuitive and can be set to be both time-driven and result-driven. Without the intervention of a central planner.

- Rapid insight into capacity utilisation of project requirements
- Monitoring minimum capacity utilisation
- Progressing planning using mobile application
- Decentralising the planning

“Everybody is convinced. Protime works.”
Erwin Klomp - IT Manager

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