Goals are what seperates business software from entertainment like social software:

Protime 360°

Protime 360° provides dashboards which clearly illustrate the different responsibilities within objectives and projects. It becomes child’s play to monitor the status throughout all departments. Insight is provided into the individual contribution too, so that coaching can be far more targeted.
Bottom-up or top-down, it makes no difference. Protime 360° provides you with an intuitive online platform constantly giving you the required insights. On individual and team contributions alike.

• Transparent objectives and efficient follow-up
• Individual, team and organisational objectives
• Measure employee contribution
• Increase commitment and engagement

"Road to transparency and structure"
Joeri & Sarah Dockx - Warehouse Manager & Junior Project Manager

Dockx Group comprises three main branches: Dockx Rental, Dockx Logistics and Dockx Movers. Across Belgium are sixteen service shops, some with their own warehouse. The company has 200 employees, 1,200 vehicles and a total business area of 40,000 m². Dockx Group generates a turnover of € 50,000,000.