Collaboration perfected:

Protime 360°

Protime 360° enables projects to be prepared simply, so that teams and employees collaborate more efficiently. Make a workflow just as strict as you wish and manage all comments, files and information regarding projects in one central place. The number of e-mails and disc space this saves is enormous. You also involve external stakeholders in joint projects via ‘Guest Access’. A daily digital newsletter keeps everyone up to date. If you want, you can integrate absence management and become integrated with it if desired.

• Better communication and collaboration
• Invite external stakeholders
• Reduce e-mail traffic by at least 25 %
• Increase information sharing company wide
• Access anywhere, anytime

"Road to transparency and structure"
Joeri & Sarah Dockx - Warehouse Manager & Junior Project Manager

Dockx Group comprises three main branches: Dockx Rental, Dockx Logistics and Dockx Movers. Across Belgium are sixteen service shops, some with their own warehouse. The company has 200 employees, 1,200 vehicles and a total business area of 40,000 m². Dockx Group generates a turnover of € 50,000,000.